The Zimmatic 9500CC is the most technologically advanced corner system on the market. With its SmartChip technology, it provides you with more uniform application throughout the field – because unlike competing corner systems – the 9500CC actually adapts to the various unique characteristics of your field.

Zimmatic Swing Angle Control Panel

As your corner system completes its rotation, the swing angle control panel data is recorded 1,024 times. This information is used to create the final custom water application program.

Zimmatic Custom Corner Sequencing Module for Sprinklers

Using information from the processor panel, the sequencing module cycles the sprinklers to maximize uniform application.

Zimmatic Custom Corner with GPS Guidance

This new guidance option adds even more flexibility to the highest performing corner on the market.  With the GPS-guided 9500CC, buried wire is eliminated. This saves time and labor during installation, and allows for easier path adjustment if needed in future growing seasons. All of the additional flexibility comes without sacrificing accuracy – 9500CC GPS Corner Guidance utilizes an RTK correction signal from its built-in base station, providing sub-inch repeatability year after year, with no need for additional network subscription costs.


Zimmatic Custom Corner Steerable Tower

This familiar, rugged “H-frame” tower features high-strength columns and dual cross-members. All parts are common, and may be assembled in either the lead or lag position to maximize field coverage.


Exclusive High Flow Joint

As an alternative to an external hose that has to bend every time the corner moves, Zimmatic has developed the 9500CC’s High-Flow joint, a custom joint that transmits water without the need for a leak-prone hose.  In addition to greatly reducing the chance of leakage, the durable joint’s simplicity results in reduced water friction loss and lower pumping costs.


Heavy Duty Drivetrain

The 9500CC’s heavy duty gearbox and variable-speed motor allow the corner arm to move continuously in addition to providing fast (43 rpm) speeds for chemigation and frequent water applications.