ArmorGuard Steel Barrier

NCHRP 350 TL-2/3 Longitudinal Barrier

The ArmorGuard Steel Barrier system is designed for short term - short duration work zones where maximum portability and positive barrier protection is needed. The steel barrier system is available in 28' [8.5 m] sections. The ArmorGuard Barrier System can be quickly and easily opened and positioned without expensive electrical power supplies, sophisticated control systems, or heavy equipment. ArmorGuard Sections (links) are raised and lowered by using a hand crank or optional compressed air. The ArmorGuard Barrier Sections can be moved laterally by hand with a forklift or front loader or with a pickup truck. They also can be moved longitudinally with a standard pickup truck. Elements can be attached or joined in combination with Portable Concrete Barrier to create controlled access. Steel Barrier installations are portable and easily repositioned to maximize work zone safety.

The ArmorGuard Steel Barrier system has been fully tested in accordance with the evaluation parameters in NCHRP Report 350, Test Level 2 and 3 (70 and 100 km/h).

The ArmorGuard Steel Barrier System is designed for use in any short term/short duration work-zone.

ArmorGuard Steel Barrier

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and easy deployment 
  • Can be moved laterally or longitudinally to optimize traffic flow and work zone space 
  • High mobility provides flexibility 
  • Can be used as a gate and/or a barrier 
  • Pneumatic option for wheel activation available 
  • Rubber pads and wheels protect road surface during moves 
  • No special equipment required at work site 
  • No electrical / control systems required to operate
ArmorGuard Steel Barrier

General Specifications

  • System Length - 853 cm 
  • Base Width - 71 cm 
  • Height - 84 cm 
  • Standard TL-3 Deflection - 193 cm