The Lindsay Advantage offers turnkey solutions for your field. It all starts with the proper design and IRZ, a Lindsay Engineering company. IRZ's engineering staff provides complete engineering design for any irrigation system from center pivots to drip systems. IRZ teams provided global irrigation design of existing and new irrigation on more than 2000 irrigations systems.

Since 1984, IRZ's engineers, hydrologists and water resource management experts help growers move and distribute water for maximum efficiency. IRZ engineers will design turnkey, integrated system (engineering design, water and energy sustainability) from 400 ha to 40,500 ha including:

  • Detail engineering design, drawings, specifications, bid packages
  • Development of Irrigation Master Plan and Feasibility Studies 
  • Efficient Center Pivot layout, maximizing production 
  • Design efficient Pump Stations (river, canals,) and booster pump stations
  • Efficient Mainline design using hydraulic modeling tools 
  • Water resources development including: 

             -Groundwater, well development, groundwater recharge 

Integrated with engineering services, IRZ’s Water Management Services has susbstantially reduce the cost of water and energy in the farms while maximizes yields and profit. IRZ leverages a quarter century of experience with the latest water management technologies in managing and scheduling your irrigation. You can get timely and critical information to efficiently irrigate your crops with IRZ's Scientific Irrigation Scheduling with Soil Moisture Monitoring. We combine current & forecast local weather information, scientific crop modeling and evanoptranspiration, and soil moisture monitoring to make timely recommendation for scheduling of irrigation water. With "real-time" soil moisture and weather monitoring service, you can monitor your fields water conditions even when your not there.