FieldNET Mobile

  • Save money with fewer trips to the field 
  • User-friendly interface for fast remote access 
  • Receive real-time alerts, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime 
  • Know the status of all equipment immediately from one color-coded list 
  • Map view provides system insights and locations of equipment
  • Quick link to full web portal features such as end-guns and irrigation plans
FieldNET Mobile

Map View

Map view provides system insights. Helpers and 3rd party vendors can use the "location" feature to find fields

FieldNET Mobile

Pivot and Lateral Monitoring and Control

Quickly control pivots and laterals

Wizard guides users through the selection options

Monitor status of pivots and laterals

  • Operational status 
  • Irrigation start location 
  • Current location in the field 
  • Irrigation stop location 
  • Pressure, flow, and runtime Control pivots and laterals.
  • Start, Stop, and change Direction 
  • Adjust irrigation rates 
  • Control water on and off 
  • Set automatic stop position
FieldNET Mobile

Pump Station Monitor and Control

View pump stations status

  • Monitor pressure 
  • Monitor flow 
  • Monitor inlet pressure 
  • Monitor water level 
  • Monitor power usage 
  • Control pumps