Magnetic Flow Meter

The Magnetic Flow Meter takes the guesswork out of water usage while saving time, energy and money. Compared to propeller flow meters, the Growsmart Magnetic Flow Meter does not have any moving parts such as propellers or bearings that may break, causing interruptions in measurement and resulting in extra costs. Plus, the Magnetic Flow Meter will not be affected by debris. 


  • Superior IP68 enclosure seal 
  • No moving parts to replace
  • No flow obstruction 
  • Range of sizes
  • Minimal straight pipe run required 
  • Remote monitoring capabilities with FieldNET by Lindsay
  • Optional battery pack featuring longer life than most competitive models 


  • Irrigation 
  • Wells
  • Lagoons
  • Agriculture automation 

ICWT Tested for Accuracy

International Center for Water Technology (ICWT) is an independent testing laboratory dedicated to advancing water management practices and irrigation technology.