NCHRP 350 TL-3, EN-1317-2 H2 Tight Radius Curve

Barrier System

The Safe-T-Curve™ Barrier is designed to be used in tight radius curve applications. These typically are found at locations with limited space resulting in unacceptable or marginally unacceptable geometrics.

The Safe-T-Curve utilizes concrete or steel Reactive Tension System Quickchange Moveable Barrier (RTS-QMB) anchored on each end, with the approach end shielded by The Universal TAU-II® Crash Cushion.

The Safe-T-Curve Barrier System has been tested in both tangent sections and curved sections utilizing a minimum of 30 meter of barrier. The Safe-T-Curve Barrier System exhibits excellent impact performance and very minimal material damage after a design impact.

The Safe-T-Curve Barrier System has been fully tested and accepted to NCHRP Report 350, Test Level 3 and EN-1317-2 H2.