The TAU-II® re-directive crash cushion system fully complies with road safety requirements: it guarantees excellent protection against direct or angular front impact and pushes the vehicles in the right direction in the event of side impact.

TAU® crash cushions are re-directive & bi-directional with Redirection Zone Class Z1 and Lateral Displacement Zone Class D1, providing high performance, high re-usability and speedy repair after impact. Modular construction minimizes costs and decreases installation and repair times and hence exposure of operatives.

TAU® systems are particularly resistant to side re-directive impact damage and have low life cycle costs in comparison with alternative similar products, thus offering high overall performance at competitive prices. TAU® systems are available in Velocity Classes 60, 80, 100, and 110km/h. The 60, 80, and 100km/h systems are available in four widths protecting hazards from 900mm up to 3100mm. The 110km/h system is available in three widths protecting hazards from 900mm to 2600mm. TAU® system can be installed on asphalt or concrete, on bridges and viaducts in a very short time. The TAU® system is CE marked and approved in several countries.

The Universal TAU-II® System has an open architecture to help reduce buildup of roadside debris, keeping the energy absorbing cartridges clear of roadway litter to ensure proper performance and provide better access to the unit for maintenance. The system has only 21 anchor points for concrete installation. This reduces installation time and limits worker exposure during installation.


Installation of the TL-3 system takes two workers less than three hours, The Universal TAU II System has three foundation options

  • Concrete 
  • Asphalt
  • Preassembled Concrete Pad 

Repairing the Universal TAU-II System after a design impact is simple. The System has been engineered to reset by pulling the telescoping fender panels back into place and replacing the cartridges. Typical repair times are less than 15 minutes.

The Universal TAU-II System is ideally suited for narrow hazards, such as:

  • Ends of rigid barriers 
  • Bridge decks 
  • Tollbooths 
  • Gore areas in high volume traffic areas
  • high speed roads with narrow medians 
  • Wide medians where turn lanes or other features would increase the probability of angled impacts 
  • Narrow medians with vertical and horizontal curvature

Features and Benefits

  • Low life cycle cost 
  • Low profile 6" [152 mm] foundation ideal for bridge decks
  • High residual capacity for re-directive impacts 
  • Same system can be used for 27.5" [700 mm] and 36" [910 mm] backups
  • Universal parts kit available to repair or build any size unit 
  • System can be lengthened or shortened very easily, no custom transitions necessary 
  • Available as a 70 mph [113 km/h] system 
  • Minimum number of anchors 
  • Reusable nose standard

General Specifications

  • Hazard Width Range w/o transitions - 0 - 102 in. [0 - 2.6 m]
  • Standard Backup Sizes - 27.5, 36, 42", any size over 42" @ 6" increments [700, 910 1.07 m, any size over 1.07 m @ 150 mm increments]
  • TL-2 Length - varies dependent on hazard width 
  • TL-3 Length - varies dependent on hazard width 
  • Height - 32 in. [813 mm]