Special Products | Variable Rate Irrigation

Precision Variable Rate irrigation (VRI) applies exactly the right amount of water/chemical to each foot/meter of the field. This maximizes yields and profitability. This precision allows you and your Zimmatic by Lindsay dealer to customize an irrigation application to your specific topography, soil type and crop maximizing output while reducing input costs.

Benefits of VRI Pinpoint irrigation

  • Easy to use – saves time
  • Efficient watering
    • Customized to specific field needs
    • Different application rates for different soils or crops saves water, energy and fertilizer/chemicals
    • Reduces over watering on laterals and part circle pivots
    • Saves water as individual sprinklers or zones can be turned off over tracks, drains, creeks, bridges etc.
    • Decreases and eliminates watering in low or flooded areas.
    • Reduces leaching and  runoffs on tighter soil areas
    • Less track maintenance