Waste Water

Waste Water

Environmentally-Friendly Municipal, Agricultural and Industrial Waste Disposal

Zimmatic® Land Application Systems let you stop looking at wastewater disposal as a challenge and start realizing its potential benefits. By applying wastewater to the soil through automated irrigation systems, you utilizing nature's living filter. Through a series of natural chemical and biological processes, the purity of wastewater can be dramatically improved by the time it percolates beyond the root zone and reaches the water table.


This also allows growing crops to utilize the effluent as an efficient source of water and plant nutrients including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The application of these nutrients through Land Application Systems helps reduce fertilizer costs as well as promote crop growth.


Another advantage to Zimmatic's Land Application Systems is their versatility. They are used in a growing number of situations including municipal water treatment facilities, industrial processing units and large-scale livestock feeding operations. Additionally, Zimmatic has the ability to adapt to almost any field shape and to operate on rolling terrain with grades up to 30 percent. This makes it possible to use wastewater land application on ground which may have otherwise been considered unproductive.


Zimmatic Land Application Systems also provide a precise delivery system which allows land treatment managers to adjust to changing conditions by adjusting rotation speeds and application rates. It also allows managers to balance the type of effluent with soil composition, crop nutrient update, topography and other important factors to ensure maximum effectiveness.